Testimonial Category: General

Just excellent

Student on my Story Editing Masterclass: There is so much content here and it’s EXCELLENT! The fast pace is perfect because there is the ability to stop a screen, study the image and take in the information. I’m totally impressed with the “umbrella” or “big picture” type of approach. Just excellent.

Creatively combines her passions

I have worked with Jessica on various community projects, and particularly with the Asylum Seekers Centre. Jessica creatively combines her passions for writing, human rights and the environment to realize practical initiatives, such as Permaculture for the People. Jessica is an inspiration to many, and it is my pleasure to recommend her

Highly skilled senior editor

Jessica’s writing and editing skills are in high demand. She is a highly skilled senior editor and has helped many authors successfully transition to publication. I regularly refer clients to Jessica and cannot recommend her work highly enough.